BRIEF early Childhood quality inventory

Measuring quality of early childhood environments provides valuable insight into the types of experiences that young children have in child care. The BEQI (Brief Early Childhood Quality Inventory) was developed to provide an adaptable, fast, cost-efficient method for reliably obtaining information on the quality of early child care and education settings. BEQI’s items are based on empirical research identifying key elements of quality in ECE settings and most BEQI items are scored as yes or no. Work is currently being conducted with the BEQI in the U.S. and several other countries. 

BEQI in the U.S.

Focus Groups and BEQI Pilot Study with Family Child Care Providers

In 2019 and early 2020, the ECD Measure team partnered with Nebraska’s Preschool Development needs assessment with a focus on family child care providers. Family child care providers are a critical part of the state’s child care ecosystem, providing care for thousands of young children across Nebraska. Results from our small sample of BEQI observations indicate that many providers are engaging in at least some high-quality practices, such as book reading, giving children choice in their daily activities, and engaging in rich, responsive conversations. Our findings demonstrate that family childcare providers are eager for greater engagement in quality improvement activities.

Global BEQI

In partnership with the University of Liberia and the Universidad del Norte, the ECD Measure team is piloting the BEQI in early childhood programs in Liberia and Colombia. The BEQI tool has been adapted for each context and aligned with local policies, standards, and cultural practices. Data collection is anticipated to take place in late 2020.

Read more about BEQI in Colombia and Liberia here.


ECD Measure has recently developed an easy-to-use BEQI mobile app. Leveraging a user-friendly platform, observers and teachers can collect information about classroom quality and receive individualized feedback to address teachers’ specific areas of improvement. Please contact us for more information!

BEQI Self Assessment

In addition to the BEQI classroom observation tool, ECD Measure is piloting a self-assessment to encourage teachers’ reflection on their classroom practices. The assessment includes a brief set of questions that allows providers to reflect on their program and self-identified strengths as well as areas of need.

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