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Promoting Evidence-based Decision Making for Early Childhood Education
June 2022 Newsletter
April 2022 Newsletter
Early Childhood Care & Education Quality Assurance Systems in Africa
September 2021 Newsletter
July 2021 Newsletter
Quality in Public & Private ECCE Settings
April 2021 Newsletter
January 2021 Newsletter
October 2020 Newsletter
SEL and PSS Measurement and Assessment Tools in Education in Emergencies: Identifying, Analyzing, and Mapping Tools to Global Guidance Documents
Measuring Quality of Pre-primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evaluation of the Measuring Early Learning Environments Scale
Data for Impact in ECE Technical Guide
CPDMA Meeting Report - Kigali, Rwanda
Global Patterns & Local Influence: Deciphering Quality in Pre-Primary
The Measuring Early Learning Quality & Outcomes initiative: purpose, process and results
Educação Infantil em Boa Vista
Learning Outcomes: Fursa Kwa Watoto
Understanding pre-primary quality in Tanzania: Data from the MELQO study- CIES 2018 Presentation
Bernard vanLeer Foundation Get ready for data toolkit
Quality Standards and Quality Assurance Systems for Pre-Primary Education
A Toolkit for Measuring Early Childhood Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Toward Data-Driven Education Systems: Insights into using information to measure results and manage change
Tanzania Pre-primary Teacher Workforce
Measuring Early Learning Quality and Outcomes in Tanzania: Institutional Assessment for integrating early childhood measurement in the pre-primary system
The Global Scale for Early Development (GSED)
Assessment of Children as Confident and Involved Learners in Early Childhood Education and Care: Literature Review
Measuring and predicting process quality in Ghanaian pre-primary classrooms using the Teacher Instructional Practices and Processes System (TIPPS)
Measuring school readiness globally: Assessing the construct validity and measurement invariance of the International Development and Early Learning Assessment (IDELA) in Ethiopia
Measuring Early Learning and Development Across Cultures: Invariance of the IDELA Across Five Countries
National Early Childhood Care and Education Quality Monitoring Systems 
Early learning in Ethiopia: equitable access and learning
Getting data in early childhood education: Lessons from the MELQO experience
Examination of school readiness constructs in Tanzania: Psychometric evaluation of the MELQO scales
MELQO Brief: Language & Literacy
MELQO Brief: MODEL Results
Measuring Early Learning Quality and Outcomes Overview Report
Social Policy Report - Children, Youth & Developmental Science in the 2015–2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals

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